Evoverse is part of an universe that Animvs was called to action to give birth to. A great roadmap and a tight documentation makes Evoverse one of our most exciting and ambitious projects ever.

The game is in our portfolio from concept to integration with the blockchain network.

Once the whole concept was structured, our developers, programmers, designers and blockchain engineers went into action with the best software to create a unique experience aimed at earning money, but without losing sight of the adrenaline that games should cause us.

Gameplay is always the primordial Animvs’s subject when developing game experiences; It doesn’t matter if it is a crypto-game / play to earn, it has to be entertaining, filled with art, and steady gameplay to keep the user engaged.

This is an ongoing project with continuous development. The finished game should be released in 2022, and upgraded as time goes by.

Evoverse results on launch day

17,000 NFTs sold

15,000 users

After 15 days of launch, 800,000 tokens were deposited.

The results are for the national market (Brazil), but the project intends to expand globally.