3 things that you need to know before investing in a cryptogame

Games are no longer just for fun! The earning possibilities in gaming are so real that investors keep an eye on what the next promising cryptogame release will be to leverage their investments.

With the digital world getting closer and closer to “real life”, cryptogames are considered to be the future of gaming — and we believe this so much that Animvs recently launched their case in the world of cryptogames, called Evoverse. It is a play-2-earn where you can play in battle or adventure mode and can earn money both ways (to learn more about this project, click here).

If you also believe in the possibilities of the digital world and are considering investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain games, you need to know that just like in the “normal” financial marketthe value of currencies (or nfts) will fluctuate.

With this in mind, the main point before deciding which game to invest in is to make sure your money is safe.

Here are the main ways to ensure this:

1—The first thing you need to do is study and understand how the cryptocurrency market works. The main points are: how the flow works, how the money is deposited, how to turn it into crypto, how to withdraw the crypto into your digital wallet, and understand how to keep this wallet safe. This prevents you from falling prey to scams, such as fake contracts or losing transactions, for example.

2—Research the history of the team that developed the game and check if they have other projects released in the market.

3—It is important to study about the game, especially reading the official documents. So you will be able to understand how that game will bring you benefits and, even with the normal oscillations of tokens, you will be able to estimate how long you will be able to recover the invested amount.

To learn more about Animvs, our games and our services, visit our website.


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