Metaverse: games are the best way to start

The games industry is the most prepared to put companies into the metaverse.

man playing in the metaverse

Large companies are already establishing territory in the metaverse, and the idea is that when it actually becomes an alternative to our reality, those who were already there will create even more bonds with the “population” of the “new universe”.

The idea is that virtual interactions work just as well in the metaverse as they do in real life. And believe: games are already serving as a gateway to the new reality.

Life is a game

Games are the entry into the metaverse because they fall into the category of entertainment and fun. Today servers separate the gaming communities, so the idea is that in the metaverse, a GTA car can reach a Minecraft construction, for example. In other words: unify the universes so that everything becomes one.

Games like Roblox and Fortnite already have a digital interactive universe, and Fortnite, for example, has even held Ariana Grande concerts in its universe.

In other words: the game industry is already prepared to create metaverses.

cryptogame as an example for metaverse

Creating their own universe, NFTs, virtual currencies, community building and entertainment are the strengths of the companies that develop games, so the popularization of this universe will essentially go through the games.

Leave it to those who understand

In the metaverse, everything that circulates there will be able to become an NFT, including game items. And with this we can turn any game proposal into a cryptogame starting a new digital economic movement.

But it is important to be aware of some cryptogame errors:

  • Withdrawals made at once the ideal is to plan the game so that the money withdrawn is reinvested in the game itself.
  • Hacking – programming and security structure to avoid risky situations.
  • Game pays more than it gets – each game has a proposal for the user and for the developer, but in general it is important to have a narrative and structure that keeps people interested in the game.

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